DOI Latest Bulletin: Access to Services to Treat Substance Use Disorders; Issued July 31, 2015

| August 3, 2015

From DOI Commissioner Dan Judson to Commercial Health Insurers, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Massachusetts, Inc. and Health Maintenance Organizations

RE: Access to Services to Treat Substance Use Disorders

The purpose of this Bulletin is to provide guidance regarding access to treatment for substance use disorders on and after October 1, 2015, as required by Chapter 258 of the Acts of 2014 (Chapter 258), which supplements the requirements of Chapter 80 of the Acts of 2000 and Chapter 256 of the Acts of 2008.  Please refer to Division of Insurance (DOI) Bulletins 2000-10, 2002-07, 2003-11, 2009-04 and 2009-11 for additional guidance associated with coverage for and access to such services.

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