New Mandated Substance Abuse Benefits and it’s Impact

| December 18, 2014

The Center for Health Information and Analysis (CHIA) today published a mandated benefit review of Chapter 258 of the Acts of 2014: “An Act to Increase Opportunities for Long-Term Substance Abuse Recovery.” This review includes four provisions set to take effect for state licensed health insurance carriers on October 1, 2015.  The report contains a medical efficacy analysis of the provisions, an actuarial estimate of their effect on the cost of health insurance, and the potential state liability.  CHIA reports that the new benefits will add an estimated $109,000 to the cost of health insurance in Massachusetts next year, and $5.5 million annualized in 2016 and add roughly $2 to $18 a year to the cost of an annual policy, according to a report published Thursday by state health officials.

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