MassAHU’s Position on Payment Reform

| November 18, 2011 | Comments (0)

 A Reason to Care– also called “skin in the game” – Each day, our members are on the front line of a client’s decision-making about some aspect of medical care.   Our profession counsels and advises clients on a daily basis about financial decisions they must make as they select a specific type of health coverage, having determined what level of risk (medical cost) they can accept, as well as what insurance premium they can afford to pay on a monthly basis.  When our clients face serious illness, unexpected bills or even the choice of a surgeon, they usually call us – their broker(s).  They call for advice or help regarding what is covered, which providers are in-network, why a medical expense wasn’t paid in full, or how to choose the right hospital for a spouse’s heart surgery, among many other inquiries. As brokers, we spend a significant amount of time in discussions with our clients about medical care and health insurance.  This is especially true for individuals and small employer groups where we function as the de facto in-house HR Department.  It is within this context that MassAHU offers you our position on payment reform: MassAHU on Payment Reform

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