MassAHU on the Transparency of Health Care Costs for Consumers

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MassAHU continues to advocate for affordable and quality health care in today’s market and for consumers to make informed decisions based upon transparent and easily accessible information. The following language is reflective of these efforts and hopefully the support of legislators on behalf of our clients:
SECTION 1.  Chapter 6A of the General Laws, as so appearing in the 2008 Official Edition is hereby in Section 16K by striking subsection (e) and inserting the following new language: –

 (e) In order to empower and engage consumers and employers to make educated and informed health care and health care coverage decisions, the council shall, in consultation with the advisory committee establish by section 16L, establish and maintain a health care information website.   The council at a minimum shall include on its website, cost information related to the twenty-five most common Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) codes, by hospital and/or physician group practice across all payers.  In presenting the cost information, the council shall publish actual dollar amounts and shall enable the consumer to calculate the expected out-of-pocket dollar amounts consumers may be charged for a procedure by all hospitals and physician group practices.  

The website shall provide updated information on a regular basis, at least annually, using the most recent data available from the division of health care finance and policy. Additional comparative quality and cost information may be published as determined by the council, in consultation with the advisory committee. 

The information presented on the website shall be in a format that is understandable to and usable by consumers and that enables consumers to compare hospital and physician costs on a statewide basis.  The council shall, on a regular basis consult with organizations representing large and small employers and consumers, in order to provide feedback to the council and advisory committee as to the utility of the website in providing information that assists employers and consumers in making decisions about their health care and health care coverage. 


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