Anthony DeSimone, of A.F. DeSimone Insurance in Massachusetts, quoted in Benefit News

| January 4, 2011

Anthony DeSimone, owner of AFDeSimone Insurance in Massachusetts quoted in Benefit News on 9/2/10:

Anthony DeSimone, owner of AFDeSimone Insurance in Massachusetts, doesn’t believe the HealthConnector will be successful in providing health insurance for small groups. “Health insurance is more complicated than it was 15 years ago,” explains DeSimone, “and small groups still rely on my advice.”
DeSimone’s experience in Massachusetts illustrates what is expected to happen nationwide. As HIEs gain ground, benefit consulting is expected to increase in importance. With their core business – providing access to insurance – taking a significant hit, brokers are expected to evolve and develop their capabilities to take on a more consultative role. Most small business owners are experts in their industry, not health care, and they are turning to their brokers to explain regulatory changes affecting their coverage.

Read the full article in Benefit News.

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