President’s Address 2010 – Mark Gaunya of Borislow Insurance Agency

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Happy New Year everyone – I hope your holidays were spent with family, friends and loved ones – and that you were able to take a break in the action and recharge!

2009 was a very challenging year for almost everyone.  The economy was mired in the midst of a deep recession and businesses all across the Commonwealth struggled to keep their doors open – and keep their costs down and in line with the loss of business.

Rising healthcare costs continue to be one of the biggest challenges for most businesses – and the impact of MA Healthcare Reform continues to unfold.  Healthcare reform is a complicated challenge and one without a simple solution.  Most agree that making health insurance accessible to everyone is relatively easy – but what about the cost?  It’s the “pink elephant” on the table that few seem to fundamentally understand or really want to tackle.  It is electrically charged with a diverse set of stakeholders.

Our legislators appear comfortable pointing the finger at health plans – and it has become all too easy for them to “vilify” the health insurance industry for spending too much on administrative costs and paying insurance brokers too much money to “sell” their products.  This simply isn’t true and it is our duty to set the record straight and educate the public.  If we don’t address this misperception, we run the risk of being “cut out” of the equation, effectively extinguishing our businesses.

Now, you’re probably saying, “Mark that will never happen” – and I hope you are right.  But can we stand by and HOPE that doesn’t happen?  Hope if not a strategy and change is not a destination.  Do your clients think your expertise will be unnecessary?  Here’s a great article that may help you educate them on the value of what you do.  Do your clients think your services are too costly compared to everyone else across the country?  Here’s a commission analysis for several metropolitan areas across the country provided by United Benefit Advisors (UBA) that shows where MA ranks – we’re near the bottom.

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