Overview of the Affordable Health Plan

| February 3, 2010 | Comments (0)

The Affordable Health Plan (HB-4452) would require health care providers and health insurers to limit their costs to help small businesses and individuals.  The bill would limit the rates doctors and hospitals charge for this one product to no more than 10% above what the federal Medicare program pays and would limit insurer profits on all products sold to small employers to no more than 2%. Taken together, the Affordable Health Plan could reduce premiums for many small businesses by as much as 22%. The state legislature is preparing to take action on Representative Harriett L. Stanley and Senator Richard T. Moore's bill soon. 

MassAHU along with SBANE, MBA, NBT, AIM, Worcester Chamber of Commerce, SBSB and MAHP all support the Affordable Health Plan which provides some relief to small businesses and individuals. 

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