Message from Jean Russell- April 2009

| April 4, 2009

Dear Members,

The 2009 Capitol Conference only confirmed what we already know: our industry is rapidly changing – and drastically!   This year’s CAP conference was very productive in emphasizing the importance of the broker community and the need to be more involved with our elected officials.   Our Congressmen and women need to hear from us. They need us to help educate them on the reality of our healthcare delivery system and how it is affecting small businesses – our clients. If we remain complacent, we could find ourselves sitting on the side lines stymied over what has happened to our industry. Can you envision being kept on hold while a government “Connector” customer service representative attempts to get a simple answer to a coverage question?
There were over 850 insurance brokers attending this year’s CAP conference. Many of these attendees wanted facts and our perspective in regards to MA HCR.

I had the privilege of participating during an afternoon break out session on a panel with Acting President-Elect Mark Gaunya, Julie Jennings, MassAHU’s Legislative Chair and NAHU’s Region 1 Legislative Chair and Adam Brackemyre, NAHU’s Director of State Affairs. Mark Gaunya did a great job educating the audience on
MA HCR. Stay tuned as Mark will be sending out an important message for all. Julie Jennings will update you with current state and federal legislative issues. Look for the Operation Shouts coming your way shortly.  

It is evidently clear and I can not stress it enough, how important it is for us to be involved with our political system. This industry – our industry – is an intricate part of the changing environment occurring locally and nationally. As in the past, we were able to schedule and meet with congressional officials in DC. No surprise to us that the offices of Representatives James McGovern, Stephen Lynch, Niki Tsongas, John Tierney, Ed Markey, and Richard Neal welcomed our perspective, concerns and hands on knowlege regarding health care and spiraling medical costs. Health Care is definitely on the top of their agenda!

In closing, I would like to stress the following: we have a duty to our clients and as professionals need to be more engaged in the industry. I have a “two step” resolution: the simple act of joining MassAHU is a very important first step in becoming engaged. And the second step? Donate to your Political Action Committee (MassAHUPAC) – another way for MassAHU to effectively get our voices heard. If you can do this “two step” you are becoming involved and being heard. MassAHU has your interests and profession in hand and that is the very reason and core of why we come together. The possibility of a government run healthcare system is right around the corner!

Thank you for the opportunity and pleasure of representing you!

Jean Russell

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