Our Position on the Connector

| August 21, 2007 | Comments (0)

Through its creation as part of the Health Care Reform Act, the Connector was established to operate as a health exchange, with its primary role to facilitate transactions among government, employers, individuals, health insurers, and brokers. The Connector was not intended to negotiate rates or benefits with carriers, nor to act as an insurance entity or to replace the authority of the state insurance department. Equally important, it is not designed to impose a standardized benefit package or to disrupt the existing channels of distribution in the commercial insurance market. Crucial to the continuity of economic vitality, the Connector must work closely with insurance producers, not duplicating or supplanting the role of the producer in the distribution of health and ancillary products in the state.

As the professional association representing employee benefits and health insurance producers in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, MassAHU members provide 90% of health insurance products offered in Massachusetts. Since producers are regulated in terms of educational and ethical requirements by the Division of Insurance, MassAHU supports the stipulation that health insurance products be sold only through licensed insurance producers.

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