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We must foster an environment of competition through deregulation of the health insurance market to achieve meaningful results. We need to encourage ‘individual responsibility’ and move away from the concept of unlimited access without regard for cost in the future. 



The rapid expansion of information technology, combined with a growing demand for greater transparency of information concerning quality and price of medical procedures and performance, is a welcome development. The Connector’s Health Care Cost and Quality Council has an important mission in moving this important issue forward. However, this information will only be meaningful if we offer plans to both the subsidized and commercial market that encourage active consumerism.


Over 90% of the health insurance products sold in Massachusetts are through licensed health insurance producers. Therefore, it is essential that licensed, professional insurance producers remain the foremost marketing arm within the health care system for the placement of individual and group
health products offered to consumers.

The Massachusetts Association of Health Underwriters (MassAHU) is the professional association representing employee benefits and health insurance producers in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and is part of the National Association of Health Underwriters, representing over 20,000 professionals in the nation.

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